PC-Dad - PC-Dad
Give your PC a Health Check


From the basics to the complicated PC-Dad offers a variety of services including:


PC Service

Is your pc slow to start-up?


Do you get unwanted pop-ups asking you to download antivirus software?


Are programs running slower?

Would you like your pc to be 'cleaned up'?




When was the last time you actually did one?


Do you have important data on your pc such as photos, important documents and music files?


It's unthinkable but what would happen if you lost this data? Unfortunately this happen - often!



Data Transfer

Have you bought a new pc or laptop and want data such as photos, music files or emails transferred from one to the other?



Advice & Training

Are you pc 'illiterate'? Would you like someone to talk computers to you in layman's terms. I can offer you advice and training on a number of applications.

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